Why this blog?

Coffee Station in my apartment

This blog is, in part, a reflection of a facet of who I am. That is, I’m very much from and about Los Angeles and, throughout the city, I drink coffee.

How much do I love coffee? So much that often my last thought at night is that in the morning I get to have coffee. When I go out, it’s likely I will order coffee to go along with any other order. I also drink coffee at home. I’m the only one in the house who does, yet I have a little coffee station just for my favorite brew. (See above.)

At home I mostly drink French Market Coffee in the red can that I brew in a little four cup Faberware perking coffee pot.  I also have a a Keurig that I use for a quick cup, usually when I’m rushing out the door. Gourmet it’s not but it get the job done.

Los Angeles, though known for other things, has a lot of great coffee. As does my neighborhood. This blog will start out by reviewing and discussing the coffee places I can walk to and then move out from there.


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