Chimney (Chinatown)

There are lots of reasons to love Chimney located 1100 N. Main Street, just east of Chinatown.  First, they make amazing coffee — like honest to goodness excellent coffee that needs no sweeteners or doctoring. I’m always amazed at how fast I end up sipping my way through a double latte here. I normally take one sugar and never take it here. It would seem almost a sin to put anything in this coffee. Their lattes are great, as is their cold brew.

The people who work at Chimney  don’t seem to mind if I stay all day drinking it and working until I’m trembling from so many good espresso drinks.  They have clean restrooms, plenty of free parking and offer wifi. Their are some outlets, but you may have to scramble a bit. The free wifi is the bit of this that’s a bit shaky. It’s find for little bits of Internet activity, but even Facebook causes it to balk a little. This is great when I’m trying to work on reading and writing, but their connection unfortunately can’t hold up to online grading.

The decor is brick industrial.  The seating is metal, so only comfortable for my old bones for a couple of hours.  But, in addition to the Chimney’s wonderful coffee, there’s an excellent Thai noodle place at the end of the strip mall that’s open for lunch. What more can you ask of a study space?

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 1.10.58 PM


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