La Monarca Iced Coffee (Santa Monica)

Back to local places. La Monarca at 1300 Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica is an Los Angeles chain of Mexican bakeries with wonderful pan dulce (Mexican sweet breads) and coffee.  I can’t eat their pan (yeast allergy) but have snuck enough bites of it to know how great it is.

Normally when I go there I have one of their espresso drinks, especially their Cafe Oaxaca that combines espresso, milk and Mexican chocolate. That’s a drink that will really keep you moving! However, when I stopped there this past week I was heading to Northridge, in the valley, where it was supposed to be very hot. So in addition to bit of pan dulce for my mom, I ordered an iced coffee with extra ice, doctored it with a bit of agave and half and half.

This was the perfect drink. It looked, as you can see, beautiful with its lovely butterfly cup and bright orange straw. The coffee was strong enough to handle the sweetener and cream, but had no bitter after taste.  As I sipped it, traveling from Santa Monica’s cool 64 degree weather into the San Fernando Valley’s 104, I wondered why I don’t walk up to La Monarca more often for coffee.

They have a corner spot that gets the afternoon sun, so it’s a bit warm to work there in the afternoons, but in the mornings it’s perfect. Plenty of tables, free wifi and the people who work there are always friendly. I’ll definitely be back and definitely recommend.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 3.59.38 PM


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  1. CDorman says:

    I love Mexican sweet bread and the iced coffee sounds and looks delicious. Will have to venture that way to check it out.


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